Blogging & Company Updates

Increasing Authority & Relevancy with Immediacy
When it comes to internet marketing, blogging can be a powerful tool in the right hands. In a world where content often determines the quality and visibility of your website, regular blogging can be the difference between a mediocre company and a company achieving incredible milestones, internet marketing company.
That’s why Scorpion offers blogging and company updates as part of our all-encompassing internet marketing strategy. You can take advantage of opportunities as they appear. When you want quality content published quickly, Scorpion gets the job done.
The thing is, unless you are a professional or passionate writer, blogging can be a difficult task. On top of handling your business, you simply may not have the time to craft a valuable entry about the ins-and-outs of your industry, the purpose of your business, or what customers can expect when they call you. Not to worry—when you work with Scorpion, we provide you with a dedicated Content Developer who updates and maintains your blog to a professional standard.

Innovative Content Management
Using our proprietary content management system, our Content Developers work with your SEO experts to determine the strongest possible blog topics for your audience. We conduct our research with integrity, using reliable sources to create unique and valuable entries that will bring leads to your site. In addition, we blog on timely topics as well, helping drive leads to your doorstep when the opportunity arises.

Your Own Content Strategist
When you want to provide topics for your blog without pouring in the time to write the entry yourself, simply contact your marketing team. Once you give them your topic ideas, Scorpion writers will immediately get to work on writing and posting it. Our content specialists will make sure that your blog is maintained according to your business’ schedule, whether that’s twice a month or multiple times a week.

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