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A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, it is useful for the clients as a product for Aircraft Industry. We have implemented the white-label concept for using this application by the other companies (managing their own customers using this application).

System has been designed to manage details of Aircraft operators, Quote request from Aircraft operators, Aircraft management and schedule Flight’s timings in the job calendar.

This is a combination product of sub-domain creation and with individual database. Users get the system generated emails with dynamic data on Google map. It also facilitates users to quote in dynamic templates for fly. The product has many challenges like:

  • Get emails in the system from different mail clients/ mail sources.
  • Dynamically creates a sub-domain with individual database in the system when a user buys the product.
  • Dynamically Google map for updating different locations.
  • Provide quote form in iframe to different users and maintaining it on server.
  • Managing custom reporting modules including rate sheets, quotes, invoices, log forms, trip sheets, and many more reports.


We have a superior product in many ways like:

  • Database integrity to maintain large database.
  • Dynamically creation of job calendar.
  • Creates dynamic template on the fly.
  • Make and use libraries with fully customizable options.
  • Shows the notifications after particular time interval.
Health Care

Health Care

  • We develop custom specialty pharmacy platform and application development for managing patient profile, inventory, tracking, compliance management, plus analytics & reporting features.
  • Development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules for facilitating enhanced patient care through tracking team and therapy data, monitoring prescription adherence and insurance benefits, and automating patient alerts and reminders.
  • Patient and clinical management module development for appointment scheduling, automated follow-up, alerts, and reminders via Short Message Service (SMS), patient visit information, details, and report generation, in-patient / out-patient department (IPD / OPD) management, patient registration, demographics capture, insurance eligibility, and prescription generation.
  • Development of patient portals for patient self-scheduling, prescription refill requests, and integration with EHR systems to view lab results, pay billing statements, view medical history, and facilitate aggregation of Personal Health Records (PHR) for patient use and Consumer Mediated Exchange (C-ME).

Event Management

Event Management

  • We design customized websites and registration portals for the users to interact with social networking platforms.
  • We program guest booking / registration management software to integrate with hotel plus venue sourcing applications.
Real Estate

Real Estate

  • Custom application modules developments with tracking and reporting features functionalities with searchable property pictures and details.
  • Develops mobile applications for Real Estate Management.
  • Development of role-based access security features and portal logins for super administrators, Real Estate Owned (REO) Property managers, Site managers and Clients.
E-learning Education


  • We develop scalable learning management systems from scratch with intuitive User Interfaces (UI) and productive User Experiences (UX), such as Custom Learning Management Systems (LMS), Course Management Systems (CMS), Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS), and other customized courseware solutions.
  • We develop web-based (Software-as-a-Service).
  • We draw customized real-time reporting administrator and user dashboards.
  • We develop and integrate learning management systems with SCORM tools including the SCORM Engine, SCORM cloud, and SCORM Drive.
  • We develop custom training e-commerce platforms and capabilities including shopping carts, payment gateway / payment processor integrations, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), plus tracking and analytics.
  • We develop LMS platforms using frameworks and tools such as Moodle, Articulate Storyline.
  • We program responsive design features including HTML5 native support, geo-location / localization support, HTML5 publishing, multidevice / multiscreen views, and more.
  • Develops corporate portals and sign-up modules that allow users to buy or create e-learning courses that also allows,employees to access and complete training.
  • We integrate corporate intranet through white-label platforms to provide companies with a single-point access sign on page for employees.
  • We integrate e-commerce, Content Management Systems (CMS), and LMS platforms to allow individual end-users to purchase online courses from a catalog.
  • We develop custom branding functions, custom data entry fields, and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).


  • Custom payment gateway development to support authorization, capture, sale, void, partial reversal, refund, recurring, and different payment types with credit, debit, and prepaid/gift cards.
  • Integration with First Data, Paypal,, Chase Paymentech, Google checkout and other payment processors.
  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual support with Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Pay in Your Currency (PYC) capabilities
  • Payment gateway portal for onboarding merchants and data warehouse for transaction reporting.
  • Virtual and retail Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal application development for web.


  • We provide fully Automated System for Transportation Industry (Fleet-Fuel tracking and Orders/Clients Management).
  • Provide separate User Roles and Rights access to handle their tasks at each level – Admin, Account Department, Dispatcher Team,and Sales Team.
  • Transports (Multi-location) tracking application with Drivers activity tracking- check-in/out [Geo-Location and Time-Stamped].
  • Import/Export Spreadsheet for Orders.
  • Customers and Orders management.
  • Revenues tracking solution.
  • Graphical representation of Revenues based on daily/weekly/monthly or specific time duration.
  • We integrate with scheduling and booking engine software to allow seamless management of driver scheduling and efficient route planning.
  • We develop software for driver scheduling, trip reporting, GPS tracking, 2-way communications, multi-stop route planning, and more.
  • Implementation of emergency contact capabilities to alert and reroute drivers of unscheduled stops.
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