Reputation Management

Preserving & Empowering Your Brand Online
Ever since sites like Yelp appeared on the scene, reviews have become a powerful resource for consumers to find the most reliable businesses around them. In fact, 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision, and 80% trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations , when the reviews meet certain criteria. If nearly all of your potential clients are reading your online reviews before considering contacting you, it would make sense to ensure your reviews are presenting your best side and winning new clients to your site! .

Why Are Online Reviews Important?
There are two primary reasons why reviews are crucial for your business. One, it builds credibility. People who are searching for you and your competitors want assurance that they are calling the right people. A short but positive review can accomplish more than a website’s worth of marketing verbiage. In fact, 68% of consumers say positive online reviews make them trust local businesses more. That’s why our approach includes constant monitoring of your profiles, leveraging your good reviews to create future clients while minimizing the effect of any poor reviews.

What Does Search Engine Marketing Offer?
It offers unprecedented control and flexibility over your business’ marketing. Do you want to target users in a specific part of town? Scorpion can do that through our powerful tracking system. Want to create more revenue through a particular service that you offer? We can do that too!

Reason #2: It Helps Ranking
The second reason it is important is because it is helps ranking. As Google results skew toward local businesses, a company’s rating will directly affect its ranking in the results. Companies that are reviewed by past customers are more likely to appear in the top 3 spots on the search engine results page, creating greater visibility. Surveys also demonstrate that users are likely to choose companies that have been reviewed over ones without reviews at all.

Your Personal Reputation Manager
Because we recognize the importance of reviews, our digital marketing agency makes sure your team includes a Local SEO Specialist. Your specialist will be entirely devoted to managing your online presence, your client testimonials, and your social media profiles. Their work will make sure that your past clients are engaging with your brand, providing reviews that will drive visitors to choose your business.

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