Pay Per Click Advertising

SEM Can Revolutionize Your Business
Six billion people conduct Google searches every day. That’s as many as 53 Super Bowl-sized audiences on a daily basis. Most businesses might kill for the ability to advertise during the Super Bowl, but advertising on search engine results pages (SERP) can offer a far greater investment—with a far stronger return. That’s because search engine marketing (SEM) offers you the opportunity to advertise to the users who are most likely to become paying clients.

Why Are Online Reviews Important?
There are two primary reasons why reviews are crucial for your business. One, it builds credibility. People who are searching for you and your competitors want assurance that they are calling the right people. A short but positive review can accomplish more than a website’s worth of marketing verbiage. In fact, 68% of consumers say positive online reviews make them trust local businesses more. That’s why our approach includes constant monitoring of your profiles, leveraging your good reviews to create future clients while minimizing the effect of any poor reviews.

What Does Search Engine Marketing Offer?
It offers unprecedented control and flexibility over your business’ marketing. Do you want to target users in a specific part of town? Scorpion can do that through our powerful tracking system. Want to create more revenue through a particular service that you offer? We can do that too!

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