All of our full time employees are eligible for our excellent benefits package. These benefits are an important part of the total compensation to our associates. Therefore we strive to offer our employees a comprehensive menu of benefits that enhances their quality of life.

Full time employees are W2 salaried employees working for more than 32 hours per week. Employees with project based or seasonal employment are not eligible for benefits.

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Medical/Dental Insurance:

Yashco’s employees are eligible for contributory Medical Insurance as long as they work at least 32 hours per week. All new full time employees are eligible for medical benefits immediately there is NO waiting period following their start date. Employee contributions are deducted from the payroll each pay period. The contribution is pre-tax based. At each renewal period, the option to go to a new provider is always considered with respect to cost of the benefits. Please contact our HR department for more specific information on Plans, coverage and contributions.

Retirement Plan: 401(K) Plan (with matching Yashco contribution):

Our full time employees have great retirement saving plan and they are eligible for Yashco Sponsored 401 K Plan from day ONE of their job with Yashco. There is NO waiting period to be eligible for 401 K Plan. We have Third Party Administrator to handle legal and compliance issues. Yashco matches 100% up to 1% of deferrals and 50% match on next 5%. Yashco matches 3.5% on 6% of Employees compensation. Employees are eligible for matching contributions immediately upon enrollment in the 401(k) plan. Please contact our HR department for more info.

Credit Card Assistance:

Yashco is proud to announce its partnership with Credit Union of Ohio for Bank Accounts and Credit Cards. Yashco Systems, Inc. employees are automatically eligible for a Credit Card regardless of how new they are to US and how young their Credit History is.

Professional Certifications/Memberships/Associations

All employees are encouraged to participate in professional organizations and acquire certifications providing professional growth and potential benefits to YASHCO. The company sponsors or reimburses such memberships and certifications with prior management approval.

Tuition Reimbursement

All employees, with management approval, may receive Tuition reimbursement (Reimbursement is paid upon successful completion of course(s)) or financial assistance (interest free loan) for college courses, certificate programs, and/or the purchase of educational software or textbooks.

Employee & Business Referral Bonuses

Yashco is growing very rapidly. Employee Referrals is a very effective way to fill open positions in the company. Yashco has a referral award program for employees who recommend external candidates to fill the open positions. If Yashco hires a candidate referred by an employee, the employee receives reward on the new hire’s within 7 days of them joining.

To be eligible for this, employees must inform the hiring manager in writing prior to the candidate being contacted.

Bonuses can also be earned for identifying new business for Yashco.

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