A Brief Overview of TongueTry Created by Yashco Systems

Over the past 17 years, Yashco Systems has stood poised to provide top-tier web solutions to its legions of customers from all across the globe. Tapping into the latest technology trends, team Yashco has always strived to meet their customers’ requisites with premium-quality web development and digital marketing solutions. The proficient experts nestled by Yashco has cultivated the brilliant business plans and transformed them into reality through their diligent work approach, technical insight, and years-long expertise. Nowadays, it boasts in serving a list of high-profile clients from all parts of the world, and TongueTry is one of them. Having relied on the result-driven web design and development services of Yashco Systems, TongueTry is promoting its services today through a well-structured website. Look into the following excerpt to know more about TongueTry, is part education start-up and part goodwill enterprise.

About TongueTry

The story of TongueTry began years before the company was founded.

Back in 2012 our founder Deano was in a severe motorcycle accident. He almost lost his leg, but after several surgeries and 24 months of rehab, he was out of the wheelchair and ready to celebrate life. So he took a reset trip, and headed off for 6 months to backpack Central America!

He began in Antigua, Guatemala, one of the language capitals of Latin America. That is where he met his tutor, Blanca. They became fast friends and it’s through this relationship that Deano started to understand the plight of women in developing nations.

You see, Blanca is a single mother of two girls, paid less than the poverty line for her labor. With no social system to support her, she must live with her extended family in tight quarters to survive. With 59.3% of the population of Guatemala living under the poverty line, this isn’t a new story.

When Deano returned to the States, he was shocked by the cost of continuing his Spanish language education. He remembered what he was paying for a superior immersive experience with Blanca and how much more the money would mean to her. But he couldn’t just pack up and move solely to learn a language. That’s when the wheels began to turn and he realized there is a better way.

TongueTry is that better way. Most people can’t jump on a plane and take weeks off of work or school to be immersed in a culture and language. So instead, we bring the Guatemalan immersion experience to you, the culture, the education, and the opportunity to change a life.

A quick wrapping up

The website of a TongueTry is an ideal example of a trendy site offering fast load time, well structured and uses the latest technology. The team Yashco Systems would feel extremely privileged if you squeeze some time out to pay a visit to this wonderful creation.

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